Why use Champion Mattress


Some sentences about Champion group  by an Orthopedic Specialist 

Champion Group has supplied some quantities of their Orthopedic Mattresses to our Life Care Hospital Limited, Chittagong voluntarily to examine its worthiness for patient having various orthopedic problems such as neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, waist pain etc. We have examined the same Orthopedic Mattresses thoroughly and received positive responses form out orthopedic patients.

Welcome to Champion GROUP


Champion Group is a well known company in Bangladesh to have started the production of Polyurethane products. We have started our journey from 2015. though we are new in this industries our founders have a lots of experience in this sector. Our CEO & Managing Director has spent his Intelligence and hard-work too many year in this sector. We have a great and expert industrial team for  the production of Polyurethane products.

we have been outlasting our competitor’s brands providing consumers with comfortable and convenient Polyurethane products. Our goal is very soon Champion will be leading Industry in formulation and manufacturing of rigid and flexible polyurethane products.