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Champion Group.

we have been outlasting our competitor’s brands providing consumers with comfortable and convenient Polyurethane products. Our goal is very soon Champion will be leading Industry in formulation and manufacturing of rigid and flexible polyurethane products. Champion will never give the chance to doubt by its consumers because of our consistency and dedication when it comes to Quality and Customer satisfaction. Champion has a big Raw Materials stocks in Bangladesh to ensure a smooth production and delivery system to its customers. Champion imports Raw Materials from the largest and renowned Multinational chemical companies throughout the world namely BASF, MOMENTIVE, SHELL, MITSUI and DOW etc. Champion uses the “STATE OF THE ART” technologies and machineries to ensure the best customer satisfaction and consistent Quality of our products. As we believe in staying in the peak of Comfort and Luxury we have extensive usage of advanced technologies and computerized machineries in the production line. Our versatile flexible and rigid Custom Formulated Products can be found in the adhesive, taxidermy and custom-molding industries as well as in many other applications. We develop both formulations and applications expertise for each customer’s unique requirements.

Our Aims

In modern world we have a strong canvas of business, world is in your hand. Champion Group also wants to keep an excellent relationship between customers. We always want, to make your life easy. We are capable of meeting all your needs. We have a target and aim to supply your demand, the best quality in cheapest rate. Champion Group. always determined to keep its aim, to good to the buyer and also to develop the country, Bangladesh through the honest, sincere, reliable and perfect business.

We are manufacturing international quality Foam, Mattress, Pillow & Cushion, Bed sheet, Mosquito net Solution Gum etc. Some item import and trading as like Fiber, Foam chemicals, pvc clear sheet, Furniture raw etc.


We are the largest Mattress manufacture in Bangladesh


We are the largest Pillow manufacture in Bangladesh


We are the largest Foam manufacture in Bangladesh


We are the largest  Furniture Company in Bangladesh