Champion Rebonded

Champion Rebonded

Champion-RebondedActually Rebonded foam made by old, outdated or scraps foams. So that people called it Rebonded, Rebonded Foam, Scrap Foam or Reclaimed Foam.  However Rebonded Foam made by old, outdated or scraps foam but rebonded foam very popular in all type of clients due to rebonded foam medicated value. Yes rebonded foam is the most medicated and health conscious foam in the ultimate market. Basically rebonded foams are used as raw materials of many kinds of foamed products such as, Mattress, Comforter, Blanket, Sofa, pillow and Cushion. Among the other types of foam rebounded is the cheaper of them and it is another reason of the popularity of the rebonded foam.

Champion Group has been manufacturing rebonded foam sheet by very sensitively quality controlled scraps or reclaimed foam. Champion Rebonded Foam sheet made by fully automatic computerized machines. The processes of manufacturing Champion Rebonded Foam sheet are Champion Foam industry has been collecting scraps or reclaimed foam from faithful mattress industries, Furniture Factories, Local foam shop holder etc. Then checked the quality very sensitively. Then make this pulp by using automatic computerized machine. Then refine the pulp using another automatic computerized machine. After refine the pulp using another automatic computer controlled machine its press and rolling.

Why Champion Rebonded Foam

  • Fabricatibility
  • Flexibility
  • Light-weight
  • Compressibility
  • Cushioning
  • Mildew-resistance
  • Resiliency
  • Sound absorption
  • Energy absorption
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Low water vapor transmission
  • Vibration dampening

Champion Foam

Champion Foam

Champion-FoamFroth is an extremely adaptable material. People have to look after about  three points of Foam which ar 1. Comfort  2. Durability and 3. Support when people have been buying good quality Foam. Available foams in present local market are manufactured by manual machines and low density ingredients. But Champion Foam Industry is manufacturing   international standard Champion Brand Foam by using fully automatic and Computer controlled high-tech machines that give you proper quality, density and support to your body providing maximum comfort and ensuring best durability. Using the perfect equipments and ingredients, Champion Foam which can be cut, shaped or laminated for all your comfort needs.  

At Champion Group we always check by proper lab test of the mixture of foam chemicals in a well known and best equipped modern and faithful laboratory before manufacturing to a bulk lot production. So, we can say it very proudly that, we are the best foam manufacturer of Bangladesh and Champion Foam ensures international standard quality.

A compeer of available foam in local market and Champion Brand Foam.

Available Foam in Local Market

  1. Manufactured by manual machine, so quality fluctuation rate is very high. For that customer has to bind to compromise of quality.
  2. There foam’s measurement is not containing accuracy. Because these foam are cut manually.
  3. You may find cutting blade marks or line in the top of foam, because these foams are cut manually.
  4. Because these foams are manufactured by manual machines, manual machines can’t control the temperature of the chemicals or raw materials’ and manual machines can’t mix properly the ingredients. So the foam cannot contain proper finishing and may be you will find big pin holes on the foam.
  5. Foam manufactured in a non computerized manual machine which can never maintain the foams proportion of density properly. So that, different parts of manufactured foam lose its thickness  after using in a very short period.

Champion Foam

  1. Champion Foam has been manufacturing by fully computer controlled high-tech machines. So that, Champion foam always can contain best quality and international standard.
  2. Because Champion Foam Manufactured by fully computer controlled high-tech machine, so the foam measurement is always precise and accurate.
  3. You cannot find any line and marks on the top of the Champion Foam.
  4. Champion Foam raw materials are mixed by homogeneously and temperature has been maintained by fully automatic computer controlled high-tech machine. Customer can’t find any manual activities, no big pin holes in the foam. Rather than, there will be well finishing very tiny little pin holes which cannot be seen by easy and allows air easily passes through the foam. Champion Foam contains increase the elasticity of the foam and it gives a clear glass look. So that, Champion Foam can be used for a long time period without losing any elasticity and thickness.
  5. Because Champion Foam block manufactured by fully automatic computer controlled high-tech machine, Champion Foam always maintains the density proportion very accurately. So that, Champion Foam can be used for a long time period without losing any thickness.
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