Orthopedic Mattress

Oprthopedic-MattressAs its name Orthopedic Mattress (of course spelled "orthopedic") has been pestered by the helpful thought of Orthopedics which focuses on diffuses or deformations of the aback and joints. Orthopedic resting cushions recognize been made to action the issues one limit partner with a dreadful aback or joints by extras an adjacent sheet material which offers concentrated on, uniquely designed support. An orthopedic dozing pad is a bedding urged to projection the joints, aback and thorough body.

With helpful improvements in the 1950s, multiplying makers of resting cushions made an accomplishment to move their articles and accord them a turn around their opponents. Then again, aback there is no organization recognized or official designation that will support one resting cushion to be orthopedic over others, and all bleeding edge sheets projection the aback and joints to a base or more noticeable degree, the vanguard usage of the name "orthopedic" has lavishly transformed into a business term. Resting cushion makers, in all countries, are not legitimate by law to suit sworn articulation of testing to projection instances of a bedding reality orthopedic.

Champion made Luxury Spring by 5 quality layers.


  1. Non-Oven Clothed Cover Layer -1st Layer
    • International Standard Mattress Cloth
    • Exclusive Imported Foamed Fabrics
  2. Felt Sheet -2nd Layer
    • High density 1.25" thickness.
    • Export Quality and 100% QC Checked Sheet.
  3.  Re-Bonded Sheet-3rd Layer
    1. Export Quality Re-bonded Sheet
    2. High Density 2"++ Thickness 
  4. Felt Sheet- 4th Layer
    1. High density 1.25" thickness.
    2. Export Quality and 100% QC Checked Sheet.
  5. Non-Oven Clothed Cover Layer- 5th Layer
    1. International Standard Mattress Cloth
    2. Exclusive Imported Foamed Fabrics
  • Total Thickness : 6"++
  • Warranty: 20 Years


Major Benefits of Orthopedic Mattress

  • Under Fabrics hollow conjugated siliconized fiber - specially make for mattress. So, there is no direct contact of foam with your body.
  • Pocket Spring Unit: The latest spring technology is used. Pocket Spring encased in individual soft fabrics pockets. The springs work independently at the right tension. Even if two people share the same bed, these mattress with support each of them individually.
  • Beginning from head to toe, you will experience deep level of support with pocket spring mattress. With multi-zoned pocket spring technology, you can get a great night sleep with minimal partner disturbance, regardless of significant weight differences.
  • Support the shape of your body as well as spine.For Comfortable and sound sleep.
  • Champion is the only capable manufacturer of Pocket Spring Mattress in the Country.
  • Durability 20 years for general use.