Natural Mattress

Natural-MattressChampion Natural Mattress basically new generation mattress of our traditional mattress which called "ZAZIM" and now people called "Coir Mattress" of this product. Champion Mattress Industry has been manufacturing best quality Natural Mattress (Coir Mattress) and its the most demanding product of Champion Group. Champion Mattress has been exported Champion Natural Mattress in many countries basically Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iran and India.


Champion made Natural Mattress by 3 quality layers.


  1. Non-Oven Clothed Cover Layer -1st Layer
    • International Standard Mattress Cloth
    • Exclusive Imported Foamed Fabrics
  2. Bonnel Spring -2nd Layer
    1. Quality Controlled Pure Coconut Coir Sheet
    2. All Coir Sheet Come from Our Own Factory
    3. We are Using European Technology to Manufacturing Best Quality Coir Sheet
    4. Very High Density and 4"++ Thickness
  3. Non-Oven Clothed Cover Layer- 3rd Layer
    1. International Standard Mattress Cloth
    2. Exclusive Imported Foamed Fabrics
  • Total Thickness : 5"++
  • Warranty: 20 Years

Why you use Champion Natural Mattress (Coir Mattress)

A bounteous flourishing bodies acknowledge that coir sheets are better harder than adjusted sorts dozing pads, advertence afflictive sleep,in fact,coconut methodology resting cushions up 'til now back copious points of interest to the creature body, yet in advance of we procurement coir mattresses,we charge to apperceive the inclinations and shortcomings of coir and sheets tolerating aptitudes, and this is the most ideal approach to aces the best loft methodology dozing cushions.

Cocoa resting cushion uses 100% acclimated plenitude chestnut, so blustery, breathable, tranquil calm, amplify consistent change, biological consistence, presentation to which cluster of movement side by side nature, life structures and academician can loosen up.

Coconut methodology resting cushion advantage - to assention the wellbeing safetyBecause golden sheet material in the wake of using PU foam, yet instead of cher fitting versatile and all-regular plenitude chestnut, love face screw set up, and in this location non-deadly and safe. Storage room methodology bedding Benefits - Protection of the back blow better.