Luxury Spring Mattress

Spring-MattressLuxury Spring Mattress bedding is alarming at carrying weight, so there can be no disproportionate weight on any allotment of your physique, providing you with a relaxing, bolstered night time's rest. In case you're a scorching sleeper, again leap bedding is an potent accommodation as they action aberrant air path, recreation acknowledgment and drier than acrylic and froth. In addition, soar bedding is to a ample quantity sturdy, so that they action amazing affection for banknote as good.


Champion made Luxury Spring Mattress by 5 quality layers.


  1. Non-Oven Clothed Cover Layer -1st Layer
    • International Standard Mattress Cloth
    • Exclusive Imported Foamed Fabrics
  2. Felt Sheet -2nd Layer
    • High density 1.25" thickness.
    • Export Quality and 100% QC Checked Sheet.
  3. Bonnel Spring -3rd Layer
    1. European Galvanized Metallic Spring
    2. Imported from European Region.
  4. Felt Sheet- 4th Layer
    1. High density 1.25" thickness.
    2. Export Quality and 100% QC Checked Sheet.
  5. Non-Oven Clothed Cover Layer- 5th Layer
    1. International Standard Mattress Cloth
    2. Exclusive Imported Foamed Fabrics
  • Total Thickness : 8"++
  • Warranty: 20 Years


Why you use Champion Luxury Spring?

Because It is Durable and made by Natural ingredients. It's not  Corrupt you room's Air supplimation and make a fresh environment, It's ensure your Fully Optimized and cool Sleep , It's Pressure Relieved, Posture Supported and take care of your Optimal Blood Flow.  Source : Wikipedia